Luis Martín Sánchez-Adame

Design and Building Division

FES Acatlán - UNAM

State of Mexico, Mexico

Hello! I’m Martín, PhD in Computer Science. My research interests are Human-Computer Interaction, User Interface Design, User Experience, and Social Media. Although they’re not areas of my speciality, I’m also interested in digital rights, privacy and security, Architecture, Industrial Design (all kinds of Design tbh), Literature (English, French and Russian specially), Philosophy, Philology as well as Shoah studies.

Currently, I’m Associate Professor at FES Acatlán, UNAM.

From 2023 to 2026 I will have the level “Candidate” in the National System of Researchers (SNI).

My partner in crime is professor Sonia Mendoza.

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  • PhD in Computer Science, Cinvestav-IPN, Mexico City, Mexico.
    • “José Negrete” Award - First Place in the 2022 National Competition of PhD Thesis in Artificial Intelligence organised by SMIA.
  • MSc in Computer Science, Cinvestav-IPN, Mexico City, Mexico.
  • BSc in Computer Engineering, Instituto Tecnológico de Durango, Durango, Mexico.

selected publications

  1. IEEE Access
    Framework for Ethically Designed Microtransactions in the Metaverse
    Sánchez-Adame, Luis Martín, Monroy-Rodríguez, Guillermo, Mendoza, Sonia, Decouchant, Dominique, and Mateos-Papis, Alfredo Piero
    IEEE Access 2023
  2. Sensors
    A Model to Develop Chatbots for Assisting the Teaching and Learning Process
    Mendoza, Sonia, Sánchez-Adame, Luis Martín, Urquiza-Yllescas, José Fidel, González-Beltrán, Beatriz A., and Decouchant, Dominique
    Sensors 2022